Metta World Peace Throwing Elbows in Venice

Metta being Metta on the outdoor courts of Venice Beach during a VBL Game last week.

PREVIEW: Artists Across America ~ Opens August 2nd at Flower Pepper

PREVIEW: Artists Across America ~ Opens August 2nd at Flower Pepper


Artists Across America, curated by Daniel Rolnik, is an exhibit of original artworks sourced directly from the studios of over 50 artists working in the continent of North America. The exhibition opens Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm, and will be on view from August 2nd – August 29th, 2014. Keep reading for artist list and a preview of some of the works to be shown…


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Visit 1940′s Los Angeles in this Vintage Video

This video from the 1940s gives you a nice tour, including going inside the original Von’s on Olympic Blvd.

Interview With Shanks Rajendran, Filmmaker Behind the “Los Scandalous” Skid Row Documentary

Interview With Shanks Rajendran, Filmmaker Behind the “Los Scandalous” Skid Row Documentary


Shanks Rajendran is an Australian filmmaker whose made waves in the United States for his searing look at drug culture in the United States. His first documentary here, Liberty City: Miami explored Miami’s toughest neighborhood from the inside, and was hailed as raw and searing by online reviewers. Now he’s come to Los Angeles to bring the same outsider’s inside point of view to our most…

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Video Recap: Stuck Up OC 2014

Over the weekend artist NVAZN hosted #StuckUpOC2014, a sticker show and exchange event for all the SoCal sticker heads.

"Fronteras Mutantes" ~ Live Music in Boyle Heights

“Fronteras Mutantes” ~ Live Music in Boyle Heights


On Saturday, July 26, the Tijuana-based electro/cumbia duo Sonidero Travesura (Tijuana, MX) will be performing at M Bar in Boyle Heights. The event will also feature live performances by Ekolekua Ska (East LA/Huntington Park) and The Dank (Los Angeles/Texas). Full info and some art and photos:


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Interview with Sam Sweet, Author of the Forthcoming “All Night Menu,” A Secret History of Los Angeles


Sam Sweet lives in Highland Park and writes about surfing, music, and Los Angeles culture for the New Yorker and the Paris Review. His latest project is All Night Menu, a 64-page book that is the first in a five-volume series about the lost heroes and miniature histories of Los Angeles. The writing takes to you places you didn’t know were real but are right in your backyard and introduces you to…

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Los Scandalous, a Raw Look at L.A.’s Skid Row

Australian filmmaker Shanks Rajendran, whose last documentary was on similar topics in Miami, has turned his eye to Skid Row.


If you’ve attended a graffiti event or underground art show in the past few years you’ve likely seen our event coverage editor, Erwin Recinos. Camera in hand, family in tow, he covers this city’s art scene relentlessly and with style, warmth, and passion. In this new feature, travel with Erwin across the city as he explores the events he covered for us over the last two weeks. Los Angeles is alive with graffiti, street, and underground art and this is one man’s visual diary.

“End of the Beginning” opens at The Seventh Letter Flagship Store on June 28th – TRAV opened his latest show “End of the Beginning” at the Seventh Letter Flagship Store back in late June with all new works. Stepping away from the graffiti style he is best known for, Trav’s latest paintings emphasize word play and contain elements of traditional sign painting and geometric patterns. The bright color schemes made the shapes, patterns, and words pop off the canvas in a typographic 3-D effect. To see more of TRAV’s work visit him @travmsk on Instagram.


ZipGunLA Show at KGB Gallery – ZipGUnLA took place the same night and is still being talked about as the event you should not have missed. The show brought that cholo, hipster and punk vibe from the Bay Area to the walls of KGB Gallery in Downtown. Graffiti installations were done by GATS, 7SEAS, ANICE, KOPYE, TEWSR and SOZE and there was a mixed media installation by Torture Chamber. Photography exhibited by Instagram-famed Rotting Fresh, Deanskii, Fucktard, Cocaineiagua and BongRipsInTheHood. To see more from this event look for the #ZipGunLA on social media.


Grand opening of Marcas Gallery in Santa Ana – The opening of Marcas Gallery in Santa Ana took place on July 5th with an inaugural exhibit, “Corrective Course”. Artist such as Cryptik, Bob Dob, Dan Quintana, Nikko Hurtado, Victor Reyes and others gathered to celebrate and expose the Orange County area to some of Los Angeles’s well-known contemporary artists. Visit marcasgallery.com for more details about their upcoming exhibit, “Perverse Foil”, opening August 2nd featuring a collaboration between photographer Karen Hsiao and painter Dan Quintana.


Street Gospel in Huntington Park – Savior Brand held it’s 2nd Annual Street Gospel event in Huntington Park. This event was free for all ages and provided a great atmosphere for sticker trading and black book signing. There was live entertainment including a band, DJ and painting demo by artists such as AISE, Maxx242, Versus and Kopyeson. Be on the look out for more events from the folks at Savior Brand by giving them a follow on Instagram @saviorbrand.

StreetGospel_HP (12 of 21)

Vermont Art District in South Central – South Central is the breeding ground for the past and present in the Los Angeles graffiti scene. The Vermont Art District is about 3 square blocks of color by artists from throughout LA with an emphasis on homegrown talent. There are so few places that artists can express themselves in South Central and VAD is trying to build a community for them through events, art spaces, and community support. They had live painting by artists such as Cielo, Frame, Moezart and Casio who also gave time to their fans and up-and-comers by signing black books and passing on some knowledge of paiting and life.

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Dirty Laundry opens in Long Beach – After the Agenda Trade Show on July 10th and 11th, the crew at The MCHN hosted a pop-up gallery show “Dirty Laundry” across the street from the Long Beach Convention Center. A local brand from the Long Beach area, MCHN is rooted in the arts by collaborating with the artists and connecting them to the public via dialogues, promotions, and art environments. Artist such as Remio, Slay, Etch, Duel, Deanskii, and Nolan Price were on hand to participate at the event. Follow @themchn on Instagram for any upcoming events.

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Two Weeks of Art ~ July, 2014 If you’ve attended a graffiti event or underground art show in the past few years you’ve likely seen our event coverage editor, Erwin Recinos.